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Last fall I decided to start sharing what our family was doing with Essential oils + natural products. They have forever changed our life! It has been pretty incredible to watch how our family has changed. I am happy to share about this change if you would like to start a conversation at my Inquiry page. We'll chat back and forth, I can't wait.

But the community who welcomed and surrounded us were amazingly supportive; young newlyweds, college students, professionals, families and mamas. 


I felt, at first, that oils were intimidating and a bit overwhelming. 

But with a community full of support and resources, it truly feels more like a family! Ashley Boyd is the leader of our Anointed With Purpose tribe and she is so passionate, so real, and so on FIRE for the mission and message of wellness support with Young Living. It has been encouraging beyond words over the years.

It would be a privilege to introduce you to her and the rest of the AWP tribe (me included!).


Oils aren't new or trendy, they've actually been used for a long time for a wide range of uses from emotional to physical to wellness.  They can be used on their own, or blended depending on desired benefits.

Photo Courtesy of Casey Wiegand

Photo Courtesy of Casey Wiegand

We've found carrier oils to be helpful when working with essential oils. A carrier oil is some kind of fatty oil like olive oil or sweet almond oil. When using this it can dilute the oil and slow it's absorption into the body. *with little ones, it's recommended to always use a carrier oil. 



My Everyday Oiling Must Haves:

Glass water bottle


Glass spray bottles

Roller bottles

Carrier oil

My Favorite Oils:


Stress Away

Peace & Calming


Kidscents Collection - for my little ones!


Each month, my tribe has a monthly class open to anyone!

To learn more about us and join the class, visit the INQUIRY PAGE to get a conversation started. And I'll get you hooked in to the next class! No membership or anything required..



Last month we covered the various ways we use our oils and I was SO reminded about my skin. Whatever I put on my own and my baby's skin is "ingested" into the body. It's so important we take care and I was grateful we could educate each other on how to use our oils and products to take great care of our outer bodies too. I encourage you to get this app and check out the products in your home. VERY eye opening.



If you are sensing a pull to learn more, just visit the INQUIRY PAGE and ask! I'd love to help you with your questions + help you get started with oils and our tribe, Anointed With Purpose.

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